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With simple activities everyone can contribute to energy savings, a message for the World Energy Efficiency Day

With the aim of raising public awareness about the rational use of energy, this March the 5th again marks the World Energy Efficiency Day. Marking of this day dates back to 1998 when the first international meeting on energy efficiency was held in Austria. 

The message being sent out is that by simple activities and small changes in behavior and habits everyone can contribute to reducing energy consumption without adversely affecting the comfort and quality of life.

Some of the suggestions, not just for 5th of March but every other day as well, are to intensively use the daylight for jobs that require stronger lighting, to turn off lights and electrical appliances when not in use, to replace outdated devices with newer ones with improved energy characteristics and use them rationally, to prioritize public transport and bicycle, and similar. Consequently, such change in behavior will also lead to economic savings.

More information on the World Energy Efficiency Day can be found here: