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Vrbas was recognized with the certification of the European Energy Award Serbia (EEAS)

After the first round of EEAS auditing in 2022, the energy and climate policy performances of all 4 MEEMP pilot municipalities were certified according to the EEAS award system: The cities of Kruševac and Užice as well as the municipality of Paraćin achieved more than 50% of the overall achievable score and where thus certified with the “European Energy Award Serbia”. The municipality of Vrbas missed the 50%-target for international EEA certification, but achieved the nationally valid “EEAS Pioneer” award with 44.5%. 

However, since 2022, the municipality of Vrbas has achieved considerable improvements through the successful implementation of energy and climate measures. Especially in area 2 (public buildings and infrastructure), area 3 (waste, waste water and disposal), and 5 (internal organization), the municipality’s commitment has paid off in terms of energy savings, reduction of CO2-emissions and environmental protection – and also in terms of EEAS scoring. On this basis, Vrbas has undergone a re-audit in October 2023 and achieved formal recognition for its achievements: With a score of 52.4%, was awarded with the “European Energy Award Serbia” and thus joined the other MEEMP pilot municipalities.

Following activities, among others, led to the significant scoring improvements of Vrbas:

  • compliance with legal obligation to develop an Energy Efficiency Programme with a corresponding plan, to conduct energy audits and to use the national EMIS tool for energy monitoring of public buildings
  • the local potential of geothermal energy sources for heating has been determined
  • the waste water treatment plant is highly energy efficient and produces energy
  • budget for the energy policy and for financial support for civil society projects is provided

MEEMP congratulates the municipality of Vrbas for its success in its energy and climate policy!