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Four MEEMP-municipalities successfully improved their energy and climate performance and achieved EEAS-certification

The cities of Krusevac and Uzice and the municipalities of Paracin and Vrbas committed to applying the European Energy Award (eea), an internationally recognized quality management and certification system, as one component of MEEMP. In 2019, all four municipalities officially joined the international eea association.

The methodology of the eea was adapted to the Serbian context, including its energy- and climate-related legislation and energy management system that is mandatory for municipalities with more than 20’000 inhabitants. The European Energy Award of Serbia EEAS was launched and supported the four pilot municipalities in assessing, planning, implementing and monitoring their local energy and climate performance as well as in complying with the relevant legislation.

Compared to the initial assessments of local energy performance conducted in 2018, all municipalities made significant progress and were able to successfully implement planned activities. In doing so, the municipalities covered all areas that impact local energy and climate performance and therefore fall within the scope of the EEAS.

The audits of the municipalities evaluating local development were conducted in 2022 and resulted in the certification of Krusevac, Paracin and Uzice, which achieved more than 50% of the possible score, with the internationally valid “European Energy Award” label. Vrbas, which achieved 45%, was awarded the nationally valid “European Energy Award Pioneer” label.

The measures implemented by the municipalities that led to their energy and climate improvements are described in more detail in the factsheets below:

City of Užice

City of Kruševac

Municipality of Paraćin

Municipality of Vrbas