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Guidelines for the implementation of EEA-compliant energy and climate-related activities at the local level available!

During the implementation of the MEEMP with our Serbian pilot municipalities, some activities which are included in the municipal EEA action plans have been implemented with support of the EEA advisors. These activities are also of relevance for other Serbian municipalities to benefit from the pilot municipalities’ experiences made.

To help Serbian local self-governments in establishing a sustainable system of energy management based on the European Energy Award and to improve their local energy performance, supportive tools and guidelines were developed. These refer to the implemented actions in the areas of planning, environmental  behavior of employees and communication on the topic of municipal energy policy.  

Following toolboxes are available through the indicated links:

(1) Planning: Integrating renewable energy sources (RES) and energy efficiency (EE) into the process of urban planning

(2) Planning: Development of a Spatial Heat Supply Programme (SHSP)

(3) Internal Behavior: Eco-behavior at the local administration

(4) Communication: Energy-related communication strategy