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Through the Municipal Energy Efficiency and Management Project (MEEMP) the Swiss Government will support the Serbian municipalities of Krusevac, Uzice, Paracin and Vrbas in improving their energy efficiency and in eliminating negative impacts on the environment. The project activities are focused towards the reconstruction and rehabilitation of 23 public facilities, such as kindergartens and schools. The project will apply the methodology of the internationally recognized European Energy Award (EEA) through investment in energy efficiency measures in public facilities and through capacity building in the field of energy efficiency at national and local level.

The project’s implementation period is 42 months (Jan 2018 – June 2021), comprising a project budget of 8’4 million euros. The Swiss contribution is 7’4 million euros, and the four local governments will contribute with one million euros. The project will be implemented under the coordination of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs of the Swiss Confederation (SECO) and the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia. The Swiss support to Serbian municipalities in the field of energy efficiency is being implemented within the framework of the Swiss Cooperation Strategy Serbia 2018-2021, with a foreseen overall amount of 95 million euros of bilateral support.



  1. Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
  2. Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy (MoME)
  3. Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM)

Project components

  1. 1. Introduction of the "European Energy Award" (EEA)
  2. 2. Energy efficient infrastructure investments
  3. 3. Cross-Cutting Capacity Development

Implementation consortium

  1. ENCO Energie-Consulting AG (Switzerland)
  2. EBP Schweiz AG (Switzerland)
  3. GFA Entec (Switzerland)
  4. GFA South East Europe d.o.o. (Serbia)
  5. Quiddita d.o.o. (Serbia)

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