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Project progress presented on the second Project Steering Committee Meeting

On 25th of February 2019, project partners gathered in Belgrade at the meeting of the Project Steering Committee to discuss the progress in implementation and harmonize the course of future activities with current findings.

In the presence of high officials from the Ministry of Mining and Energy, SECO, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities and from the four participating municipalities of Krusevac, Paracin, Uzice and Vrbas, the project implementing team presented what has been accomplished during the first year of project implementation and the next steps to be undertaken.

As a result of the fruitful exchange of information, a common understanding of all participants on project implementation has been ensured and a foundation for productive discussions on upcoming tasks and set priorities has been established. The Steering Committee agreed on the adjustments to changes in the project development proposed by the project component representatives, especially with regard to Component 2 – Energy Efficiency Investment, where currently the designs for the refurbishment of selected public schools and kindergartens are being finalized and tenders for selection of partners for implementation of works are being prepared.

All sides expressed satisfaction with the current project achievements and the prolific cooperation of all parties involved. Based on this expressed confidence, the project team will continue to address the upcoming tasks for further development of the project.