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Swiss Confederation Delegation visited Paraćin’s construction site

Under the MEEMP, school buildings will be refurbished in all four partner cities and municipalities to show by example the effects of energy efficiency measures, while at the same time improving learning environments for the young generation. In Paraćin, reconstruction works already started in August 2020: The work on the primary school “Branko Krsmanovic” in Sikirica was taken up successfully. The new and old school buildings and the gym will be completely refurbished, covering a total area of 1850 m2, and the school will get a completely different appearance. The reconstruction works will be finalized in January 2021 – and the school’s pupils can start the new year in a renovated school building. This reconstruction is supported by the Swiss Government through the Ministry of the Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia and local self-government unit. Swiss Confederation investment in the MEEMP is 7,4 million EUR, while investment in Municipality Paracin is 1,1 million EUR for the energy reconstruction of two schools. The contribution of the Paracin Municipality is 220.000 EUR.

On Saturday, November 7th, 2020, a high delegation of the Swiss Confederation including the President of the National Council of the Swiss Confederation Federal Assembly Mrs. Isabelle Moret and His Excellency Mr. Urs Schmid, Ambassador of Switzerland to the Republic of Serbia have visited the municipality of Paraćin and used this opportunity to visit the construction site of the Branko Krsmanović primary school.

President of the National Council of the Swiss Confederation Federal Assembly, Mrs.Isabel Moret pointed out that she was impressed by the large number of projects and programs that the that the municipality of Paracin is implementing and plans to implement. Mrs. Moret emphasized that Switzerland is a country that cares very much about peace and democratic values. In Serbia, the Swiss Government is investing 20 million EUR per year in development cooperation, focusing, among other things, on recovery and development, improvement of energy management and environmental protection.