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The City of Uzice celebrated the European Mobility Week under the slogan “Choose and get moving”

The city of Uzice is once again participating in the manifestation “European Mobility Week”, which has been celebrated on the initiative of the European Commission since 2002 in the period from September 16th to 22nd. “Pollution-free mobility for all” is this year’s theme of the European Mobility Week, which will be marked by over 2,700 cities in 49 countries of the Old Continent by September 22, and the City of Uzice is one of 29 cities in Serbia that applied for this event.

A member of the City Council of the City of Uzice in charge of ecology stated that the slogan “Choose and get moving” was chosen for this topic.

“European Mobility Week is a manifestation that promotes alternative modes of transport in relation to the use of motor vehicles that use fossil fuels as an energy source. The goal of the event is to improve the environment, ie to protect the environment in urban areas.

European Mobility Week becomes more important every year and is growing from year to year, not only in Europe, in our country, but also around the world. The goal of this event is to promote the use of public transport and cycling and walking, instead of the use of motor vehicles. This event aims to draw attention to the fact that traffic is one of the air pollutants and environmental pollutants in urban areas, that there is a need to reduce emissions of pollutants and increase air quality. I hope that in the City of Užice we will succeed with the planned activities to make our city at least for a few hours healthier, calmer and more pleasant for all of us.

Through a large number of planned activities until September 22, we marked this event, starting with promotion through the media, LED screens on the City Square, the city website and the Facebook page of the City of Uzice. The ONLINE SURVEY will be open to all our fellow citizens regarding traffic issues. In order to achieve communication between local authorities and citizens, this survey will be open from September 17 to 30.

In order to promote the use of public transport, masks for use in public transport, ie indoors, were distributed in the kindergarten “Poletarac” at the Customs on Friday. Masks are advertising material for this event, and they are intended for children.

It is important to increase the quality of life by increasing the number of green areas in each urban environment. In February, the city of Uzice launched an action related to increasing the number of trees in the urban environment, “16,000 trees for 16,000 fireplaces.” This action will be realized in October, for now not all trees have been divided, we hope that as many citizens as possible will respond to this action.

In order to support nature lovers, to stimulate our fellow citizens, to walk as much as possible, on Sunday there was a distribution of advertising material in the form of backpacks in the gorge of the river Cetinje from 11 AM.

In support of this event and support to our fellow citizens not to use their own cars, at least when we come to work, the leadership of the City of Uzice will came to work on foot on Monday, September 21, and on September 22 the Main Street will be closed for traffic from 4 to 11 p.m. . “