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Municipality of Paracin will improve its energy efficiency significantly after the implementation of the MEEMP project

In an interview for the TV show Ecology Hour (original title: Ekoloski cas) broadcasted on TV Paracin, Mr. Vladimir Jankovic, Head of Department for Sustainable Development in Paracin, explains all the benefits of the MEEMP project for the Municipality.

Mr. Jankovic stated that Municipality of Paracin will significantly improve its energy efficiency after the implementation of the MEEMP project, which will primarily be noticeable in public buildings refurbished through the project. The project will not only rehabilitate four schools in terms of energy efficiency measures, but will also provide consultancy support for capacity building for improved energy management.

The show also hosted Mr. Zoran Kapor, the Local Project Coordinator, who spoke about general project information referring to Paracin, but also Krusevac, Uzice and Vrbas, which are the four main beneficiary municipalities.

To hear more details about the expected results in Paracin and the MEEMP project in general, watch the entire interview available here (in Serbian language):