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Energy Globe Award Serbia announced!

Energy Globe Award Serbia announced!

The Municipal Energy Efficiency and Management Project has been awarded national winner of the Energy Globe Award 2021! Since its foundation in 1999, the Global Energy Award has become recognized as the world´s most famous award for sustainability. The objective of the ENERGY GLOBE Award is to present successful sustainable projects to a global audience and to demonstrate that for most of our environmental problems feasible solutions are already available. Projects submitted from over 180 countries participate each year in the Energy Globe Awards.

The Municipal Energy Efficiency and Management Project in Serbia, financed by Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs and implemented in cooperation with the Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy, has been selected due to its innovative approach, achieved results and replication potential. MEEMP project was designed to provide timely support by strengthening the capacities of the municipal staff charged with energy management, in combination with strategic investments into the energy-efficiency rehabilitation of schools and kindergartens, and by supporting pilot local authorities in implementing national energy strategies on the basis of the internationally applied and proven energy management system “European Energy Award (EEA)”, which has been tailored to the Serbian circumstances in order to respond adequately to the needs and opportunities of Serbian municipalities. The strategy of MEEMP is to strengthen the local contributions to the national energy and climate targets and the implementation of national strategies on local levels. In order to support local authorities MEEMP offers tools that are specifically tailored to the circumstances of Serbian municipalities and that adequately respond to their very specific challenges and needs, but are also closely connected with national energy policy. Hence, the MEEMP facilitates vertical coordination of strategies and targets through translating national energy and climate strategies into concrete recommendations for local authorities. At the same time, MEEMP helps to communicate local challenges and needs as well as ideas and recommendations to the national government and fosters bi-directional dialogue

Due to the COVID-19 situation the award ceremony was relocated from Serbia to Switzerland and took place on 10 November in Zurich.

Maren Kornmann, Team Leader of MEEMP, receives in absence of the Serbian partners due to pandemic restrictions the award from the Deputy Head of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Switzerland Undine Zach-Palvelli in the presence of H.E. Ambassador of Austria in Bern, Dr. Maria Rotheiser-Scotti.

On the picture from left to right: H.E. Ambassador of Austria in Bern Dr. Maria Rostheiser-Scotti, Ivo Foelmli, Maren Kornmann and Undine Zach-Palvelli.