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Works on the reconstruction of preschool and school buildings in Kruševac, Vrbas and Užice are in progress!

Within the Municipal Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Project, implemented with the support of the Ministry of Mining and Energy and the Swiss Government –, the works on the reconstruction of pre- and primary schools in Vrbas, Krusevac and Uzice have started.

H.E. Urs Schmid, Ambassador of Switzerland and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Ministry of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlović attended the signing of the contracts with contractors for the reconstruction.

The elementary school “Svetozar Miletić” and four kindergartens of the preschool institution “Boško Buha” – “Livadica”, “Bubica”, “Poletarac” and “Vila” will be reconstructed in Vrbas. The value of the works, which should be completed by April 2022, is nearly 1.5 million euros. After the reconstruction of these facilities, the total carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 40 percent, or about 400 tons per year.

H.E. Urs Schmid, the Ambassador of Switzerland, expressed great satisfaction that, together with the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister, he was attending the signing of the agreement for the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

“Switzerland, together with the Ministry, supports this project and at the same time promotes the introduction of the European energy award and measures to improve energy efficiency in public buildings in local governments. We also support the program of heat supply in Vrbas in the period from 2021 to 2030, which provides the basis for the energy transition, “said the ambassador.

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In Krusevac,  the rehabilitation of the kindergarten “Pcelica”, primary schools in the villages of Gornji Stepos, Zabare, Bivolje, Jasika, as well as the school “Jovan Popovic” in the city is planned. The estimated value of the investment is 1.4 million euros, and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is estimated at more than 300 tons per year.

Three schools and one kindergarten will be reconstructed in Uzice. Kindergarten “Poletarac” will get a gas generator and new carpentry. Energy rehabilitation will be carried out in the primary schools “Nada Matić”, “Miodrag Milovanović Luna” in Karan, as well as in the primary school in Krvavci. With this reconstruction, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 80 percent, and energy consumption will be reduced by 70 percent.

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