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The EEAS brochure offers detailed information about the European Energy Award in Serbia and its support mechanisms

A pivotal tool within the MEEMP, the European Energy Award (EEA) plays a crucial role in supporting municipalities to fulfill their legal obligations related to the implementation of an energy management system. The EEA follows a well-established and internationally recognized process.

Throughout the MEEMP, the European Energy Award’s Energy Management Approach was integrated, strengthened, and institutionalized in the four pilot municipalities — Krusevac, Paracin, Uzice, and Vrbas. This resulted in improved energy policy and energy management performances in these municipalities. As a consequence of their advancements, these MEEMP municipalities have become exemplary models for energy-efficient and climate-friendly cities, attracting interest from other Serbian municipalities regarding their approach and their engagement in the European Energy Award in Serbia (EEAS).

To provide a more comprehensive understanding for interested Serbian cities and others, a brochure has been developed. This brochure succinctly outlines the functionalities of the European Energy Award and the specifics of the EEAS. It explains how the EEAS complements the Serbian EMS, its alignment with Serbian context and legislation, and how the certification system operates.

You can access the EEAS brochure here: