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Janitors of public buildings in Krusevac, Paracin, Uzice and Vrbas raise their awareness on the importance of adequate energy management

Within MEEMP over 70 janitors of kindergartens, schools and other public facilities from Krusevac, Paracin, Uzice and Vrbas undergo training on the topic of energy efficiency intended to develop and strengthen their knowledge on the importance of the adequate energy management and of their role in the efficient use of energy.

Data shows that public buildings in Serbia, including schools and kindergartens, show great potential for energy saving that can be achieved not only through improvement reconstructive measures based on energy efficiency principles, but also through informing and educating the staff about proper energy management and appropriate ways of maintaining energy-efficient systems.

Having recognized this, the MEEMP under its 3rd component – Capacity Building Development – teamed up with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and municipal project implementation teams and organized the trainings for janitors in the four project beneficiary cities and municipalities. The training is executed based on the programme developed in the framework of the GIZ project “Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings”.

The one-day trainings are taking place during June and July and are expected to have over 70 participants.