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Municipality Vrbas on International Energy and Investment Days

On Wednesday, February 26, 2020, the Municipality of Vrbas, together with the Office for Energy Management, presented itself at the 9th International Energy and Investment Days in Novi Sad. Each year, this event is traditionally held on March 5, day of energy efficiency.

The event was an opportunity for the local government to take a study entitled “Detailed energy audit for the building of the Municipal Administration of Vrbas”, which was produced in the Central Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Civil Engineering and Transport. The document was solemnly taken over by Milan Glusac, president of the Provisional Authority.

“ Our Office for Energy Efficiency and the Municipality of Vrbas were presented on one of the panels as an example of good action in this area and how local governments can save them by introducing certain measures and rational energy consumption. This region is very interesting for us, good engagement has led us to similar energy and unforeseen public buildings, and for some, we have already completed projects and a lot of work on them, “said Glusac.

Beside Glusac, Predrag Rojevic and Miljana Stulic, members of the Provisional Body, as well as Damir Ivanic and Ina Kosanic from the Office for Energy Management attended this event.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Djordje Milicevic, officially opened the event. He announced that the Provincial Government in 2020 will continue with activities that will provide greater energy efficiency in public buildings in AP Vojvodina, through support for energy-saving projects, the introduction of solar panels in farms and for the adaptation and reconstruction of public facilities.

“Over the past four years, more than 1.4 billion dinars have been invested in financing and co-financing projects that have rehabilitated energy facilities of preschools, schools, hospitals and social institutions, street lighting and lighting have been reconstructed in numerous public institutions,” Milicevic added.

The 9th International Energy and Investment Days took place on February 26-27. Institutions, companies and local governments with projects in the field of energy presented themselves in the exhibition part, while experts from the country and abroad covered the most current topics within the congress part.