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A panel discussion on non-motorized traffic was held in the municipality of Vrbas

With the desire to promote and popularize non-motorized modes of transport in cities, in order to improve the quality of the environment in urban areas, the municipality of Vrbas and the Youth Office organized a stand in the city center to discuss with citizens the benefits of cycling and walking, and distributed promotional materials, backpacks and other equipment.

“This event wants to draw attention to the fact that traffic is one of the air pollutants and environmental pollutants in urban areas, that there is a need to reduce the emission of pollutants and to increase air quality. We can achieve that by greater use of bicycles or walking, activities that do good to each individual who practices them, but also to the whole community “, this could be heard at the stand on Nikola Pašić Square.

At the same time, as part of the European Mobility Week, Ekološki pokret Vrbasa and Udruženje Kritična masa – Cyclists of Vrbas, held a panel discussion on non-motorized traffic. As it was pointed out at this gathering, the plan of sustainable urban mobility has come to life in many countries of the European Union, but not to a sufficient extent in our country, which is why it is necessary to strengthen civic activism on this topic and influence the formation of strategies and planning documentation, which could be a benefit for pedestrians and cyclists. Graduated traffic engineers Aleksandar Nikolić from Vrbas and Dejan Stojković from Novi Sad spoke about this topic.

“The Declaration on non-motorized traffic was voted on the tribune, in which the wishes of citizens were expressed on strategic documents, plans and projects that contain the vision of the local community as an environment that develops sustainable movement and transport, with infrastructure that is accessible, connected, safe for people and the environment and which promotes the quality and humanity of the space, takes into account the different needs of citizens, with benefits for all citizens of the municipality of Vrbas, “it was said from Ekološki pokret.